How to Sell NFTs?

Select the NFT you want to sell and click the 'Select' button.

The amount of tokens you'll receive for the sale is automatically calculated by the system. If you want to choose a different NFT, simply click on the selected area to return to the selection mode.

You can also click on the price curve button in the NFT panel to view the selling price of each NFT in the transaction.

Click the 'Swap' button to proceed to the secondary confirmation of the transaction.

After verifying that your transaction details are correct, click the 'Confirm' button to submit your transaction request. You will then need to confirm this transaction in your wallet to broadcast it onto the blockchain and complete the sale.

inSwap Mode:

You need to deposit your NFT assets into your account's Funding Pool before trading.

In inSwap mode, Floorswap offers a pay-later service for gas fees. You don't have to pay gas fees for your initial transaction, and your trade is protected against sandwich attacks.

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