How to Add Liquidity?

Select the pool from the pool list where you want to add liquidity.

Then, start creating your position.

Step One: Set Price Parameters:

  • Swap Fee: The transaction fee for your position. You'll collect this fee on trades matching your position, regardless of the buying or selling direction.

  • Start Price: Set the starting price for your position. Your position's initial selling price will be this price, which then generates a price curve extending in both directions.

  • Concentration: Determine the concentration level of your price curve, indicating the multiplier of concentration compared to the standard constant product curve. A higher value means greater concentration, smoother curve, and smaller price differences.

Step Two: Choose the NFTs to add to your position. Once selected, the required token amount to add will be automatically calculated based on the concentrated XYK curve.

The price curve chart simulates the price changes of assets in your position, with the green part representing buy-side liquidity and the red part representing sell-side liquidity.

Click the 'Preview' button to confirm the details of your position. If you haven't authorized the corresponding assets before, you'll need to authorize them first.

After confirming that your position details are correct, click the 'Add' button to add liquidity. For users with an on-chain wallet, you'll need to confirm the transaction in your wallet; for users with a Chamcha account, submit your request to add liquidity after the secondary confirmation.

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