Swap Method

Matching Rules

When performing a Swap, the Floorswap smart router sorts all liquidity positions according to the best price rule to match the optimal execution price.

Crossing Liquidity Positions

A transaction can cross multiple liquidity positions to match the assets at the best execution price.

Token<>NFT Exchange

Users can choose to exchange Tokens for NFTs, but cannot specify the NFT ID. Instead, the smart router matches the NFT at the best price.

Users can also exchange NFTs for Tokens. They can specify the NFT they want to sell, and the smart router matches the best price liquidity position to complete the transaction.

Creating NFT Collection Liquidity Pools

Currently, the platform does not allow users to create NFT collection liquidity pools on their own. It adopts a whitelist approach. If you have recommended NFT collections, you can contact the official personnel to submit information.

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