What is Floorswap?

Floorswap is an NFT AMM protocol dedicated to optimizing floor price liquidity. By aggregating centralized liquidity, it offers substantial trading depth and immediate liquidity near the floor price.

Traders can seamlessly swap between NFTs and tokens.

Liquidity providers can enhance the pool by adding both tokens and NFTs, thereby providing liquidity on both sides and earning from transaction fees.

What is an NFT AMM?

Unlike traditional NFT marketplaces that use order books for matching varying buy and sell orders, AMMs (Automated Market Makers) employ pre-funded liquidity pools. This shift ensures continuous, ready liquidity for trading anytime, a key benefit in the fast-paced NFT space.

What is a Liquidity Pool?

A liquidity pool enable immediate trading by providing essential liquidity for users to swap two distinct assets.

At Floorswap, the liquidity pool employs the concentrated XYK bonding curve algorithm. This algorithm dynamically adjusts the relative price of one asset against another within the pool, in response to changing market supply and demand.

Market makers proportionally add NFTs and tokens to the pool based on this curve. Trading occurs directly with the pool, causing the relative asset prices to fluctuate and thereby establishing new market prices for these assets.

Why Choose Floorswap?

  • Instant, Optimal Pricing for Trades: Floorswap's intelligent routing finds you the best prices across all liquidity positions in a single transaction.

  • Boost Earnings for Your Tokens and NFTs: Earn passive income by using your tokens and NFTs to create your own liquidity positions.

  • Flexible Trading Options: Trade directly from your wallet using the Swap mode, or employ advanced order strategies with the inSwap mode.

  • Participate in Protocol Governance: Get involved in governance by voting on proposals and protocol upgrades.

  • A Cornerstone of NFT Finance: Floorswap is a reliable, open-source, permissionless protocol. Developers can build innovative financial dApps on top of the Floorswap protocol.

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